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Wattleseed cheesecake

#theplumpower crew
Wattleseed cheesecake

Created by Kristie Murphy from www.freyasnourishment.com.au

Wattleseed Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake 

Makes 1 large Cheesecake or 12 individual cheesecakes 

Wattleseed is the edible seeds from many species of the Australian Acacia eaten by Aboriginals for thousands of years. They would grind the seeds into a flour to add to cakes or damper. It is rich in protein, fibre and is a low GI carbohydrate – perfect for those with diabetes. Wattlesed has a delicious hazelnut, chocolate & coffee taste and adds a beautiful crunch to the dish, and in the vanilla part of this cheesecake you can see the beautiful seeds shine through. 


1 ½ cups hazelnuts 

¼ cup buckwheat groats 

¼ cup coconut oil 

1 tbsp cacao 


2 cups soaked cashews 

½ cup coconut oil 

¼ cup lemon juice 

2 heaped tbsp coconut milk* 

2 tbsp maple syrup, rice malt syrup or your preferred sweetener 

2 tbsp wattleseed 

1 heaped tbsp cacao 

Pinch vanilla 

Pinch salt 



Add all ingredients to the food processor and blend until well combined 

Press into a lined springform tin or into silicon cupcake moulds for individual cheesecakes 

Place in the freezer to set while you make the filling 


Add all ingredients except the cacao to your Vitamix or high speed blender 

Half fill your cake mould – if you are using cupcake moulds then add a heaped tablespoon of the mixture into each section – then give the remaining mix another quick blend adding in the cacao. It doesn’t need to be perfectly blended, as long as the cacao is mixed through 

Add a tablespoon or so of the cacao blend to the wattleseed filling in each section, then swirl through the two flavours 

Place in the freezer to set for 4 hours for cupcake size or 8 hours for a whole cake 

Recipe and photos by Kristie Murphy - Freya’s Nourishment